Past Events

WIEHACK 2.0 (Online) 2020

One of the most successful events of BVPIEEE, WIE HACK 2.0 was aimed at bringing out the talent in all women developers out there. The online hackathon provided flawless exposure to all the women coding enthusiasts. With over 178 teams registered and 75 lone wolves, we had over 500 women developers, from all parts of the world coming together.


WieHack 2.0 was not just an ordinary hackathon, it aimed to provide support to fight the outbreak of COVID 19 all over the world and so had a theme to innovate new solutions to find the pandemic. Other themes like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Women Security, and Smart cities saw many new ideas taking shape. WIE HACK 2.0 was a 36-hour all women online hackathon which was conducted on 8th and 9th April 2020. The live stream started at 8:30 a.m. on YouTube. It started with the basic introduction of the society, general instructions concerning the event and announcement of the themes by various speakers of BVPIEEE.


On 2nd-3rd February, 2019, New Delhi witnessed the very first of its kind Artificial Intelligence and Data Science themed technical conference – “InnoviCon: Artificial is the new real”, organised at an undergraduate level by BVPIEEE, the IEEE student chapter of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering. More than 100 eager attendees interested in the field of Data Science and AI had come to be part of the event.

Prof. K.K. Biswas
Ankit Prasad Bobble AI

Eminent experts of the field like Prof. K.K. Biswas (IIT Delhi), Aravind Putrevu (Developer Advocate at ElasticSearch), Ankit Prasad (CEO, Bobble AI) and Janu Verma (Data Scientist at Hike) graced the occasion with their highly insightful keynote speeches. In addition to that, the conference had three parallel tracks – Fundamentals of AI, Applications of AI and Workshops. The tracks included various guest talks by industry professionals and academicians. Any technical conference is incomplete without hands-on experience of cutting edge technologies. The IBM Watson, Elastic Stack- Search, Kibana and Beats, and Fundamentals of Neural Networks’ based hands-on workshops ensured the highest level of attendee engagement during the conference. Attendees were also enlightened about internship opportunities offered by DeepSight AI Labs, SocialCops and Incuspaze from the organisations’ representatives. With 4 keynote sessions, 14+ guest talks, lightning talks, 3 workshops, resume booth, and the highly engaging panel discussion, InnoviCon turned out to be a delightful opportunity for students and professionals to gather valuable insights into the recent technological trends and network with fellow attendees.


WIEHack, the 24-hour all-women hackathon was organized by BVPIEEE on 4-5th October, 2018. It got registrations from over 100 all-women teams pan India out of which 24 teams were shortlisted on the basis of their GitHub/LinkedIn Ids.Themed 'Build for India', the hackathon witnessed 80 women developers putting their creativity and development skills to test and coming up with ingenious solutions to social and economic concerns and safety.

The flow of events was as follow. Morning registrations were followed by inauguration ceremony where instruction about submission deadlines and basic guideline was given. The ideas were submitted by the teams before the lunch which was then proceeded by intense coding hours till the next day. Comfortable accommodations, a night session on business modeling and architecture and provision for tea-coffee were organized for the participants. The teams presented their final products to the judges the next morning. Team CodeOn bagged the first position for the affordable women safety device which will be able to sense an attempt of sexual harassment and assist them to get out of the situation safely, followed by team Technocrats who showcased a device to assist the blind people in reading and interpreting text. Team ByteMe won the Third position for coming up with a unique idea for making education widely accessible. The winning teams were awarded with cash prizes of Rs. 15k, 10k and 5k for first, second and third position respectively. They were also presented with internship opportunities at Paytm and Incuspaze. . One of the 24 teams got a direct entry into IIM Finpitch Challenge 2018.The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony on 5th October with Divyansh Malhotra, Chairperson BVPIEEE giving it a closure.


The tenth edition of fervour, Fervour X : AI AM BACK was a grand success and came out to

be the best among the rest in the academic year 2017-18. There were two flagship events, Hacktivate and Technovation.

Other events which were the center of attraction for the visitors were Robostacle, The Line Following Challenge, BPlan, Deathstar and Joey doesn’t share food. Well there should be less explaining and more showing…

So go and check out little glimpses of how it went here.

BVEST - 17

The Robotics and Automation Society of BVPIEEE brought, ROBO RUGBY -the ultimate test of tactical maneuvering skills @BVEST’17.

IS THAT A ROBOT PLAYING RUGBY?! An arena where robots will play rugby – built and steered by you. Task – Dodge obstacles and opponents, balance the ball and reach the finish line. It was one hell of an event which turned out to be the biggest event of BVEST’17 among all others.

Another event that caught the eyes of the crowd was Extempore: OFF-THE-CUFF organised by BVP IEEE-HKN.

” It is true that speaking is better than silence. However, all speak and no listen makes Jack an idiot box. ” This event was about letting your heart out by the means of words and was judged by the best faculty from the college itself, so you can guess the BARS were set HIGH.

FOC - 17

A toast to those never ending days; The carefree laughs;

With the beyblades and pokemons; Morphing into Power Rangers and howling “Scooby Dooby Doo!” endlessly; Cherishing the evergreen Tom n Jerry fights!

To that ‘us’ within us, the one who’s still a child. We’re all set to bring the good ol’ time alive!


BVCOE Fresh on Campus 5.0! Explore the campus like never before! Solve intricate yet fun riddles themed on our all-time favourite cartoons! Participate in groups and experience the best ice breaker in the college!


Midst the busy college schedules we’re here building ourselves for something new. Be it programming, robotics, gaming or photography or literature, we at BVPIEEE are always striving to bring out our passion for perfection.

BVPIEEE organised its orientation to let you know more about IEEE. There was also a QnA session for all to interact with the Alumni and know more about the college.

It was organised on 25th August, 2017 in the Auditorium at 2:40 pm.


BVPIEEE officially welcomed the batch of 2016-20 at their FRESHER’S ORIENTATION held on 8th August 2016.

The candid interaction was centred around how to make the best of college life and how BVPIEEE provides the ideal platform for the same. Following it, the Fresh on Campus 4.0 was organized on 10th August. The enthralling ice breaker event was enjoyed by the participants to the fullest.

FOC - 16

Fresh-On Campus is organised every year to welcome freshers. It is generally organized in the month of August. The Fresh on Campus 4.0 was organized on 10th August. The enthralling ice breaker event was enjoyed by the participants to the fullest.

Team of: Pahul, Harsh, Dhruv, Shivam and Sakaar bagged the first position in the treasure hunt.

The enthusiasm of freshers filled the college environment with unparalleled zest and energy. To the younger lot who brought a smile on every team member’s face.We hope to see the same enthusiasm and spontaneity throughout the year.

BVEST - 16

BVEST is the annual technical fest of Bharati Vidhyapeeth’s College of Engineering. Every society organizes various technical events in BVEST. BVPIEEE organised RoboSoccer.

It was a three- round competition. Teams from various colleges came to participate in this competition.

After all the small arguments, tiresome repairing of bots and nerve wracking competition, and the amazing final between BVCoE and MAIT eventually a home team took away the title of the RoboSoccer legend.

VSQ - 16

VSQ stands for Vikram Sarabhai Quiz. It is a quizzing competition that includes questions of various fields. The 9th edition of VSQ held on 24th January.

Knowledge is power and this power can make a small man cast a large shadow. So large that he just might set in motion the greatest wars that mankind can witness : The War of Minds !

Do you think you have it in you to be crowned as the ultimate yoda? Do you feel that you can win a war without shedding a single blood drop?

For many came to conquer the fort, but a selected few made it till the end. Nine years, and the challenge is still the same.